The property looks wonderful and such a beautiful transformation. We look forward to many years of enjoying the putting green and all the surrounding landscape. Thank you for your due diligence in achieving such great results.

A Saratoga residence

Dear David,
Our garden is definitely a winner! We thoroughly enjoy it and we get compliments from neighbors and strangers all the time. I spend alot of time just walking around the garden and admiring the plants. The best part of this experience is that we are absolutely completely 100% satisfied with the quality of your work! You and your crew are the best ever. Ray and I catch ourselves muttering to other contractors "Katoscapes would never do that" or something like "we don't have to tell Katoscapes what to do, they are already doing it properly"!! Thank YOU!!
Best Wishes,

The Su family. Palo Alto

After finishing an extensive remodel of our home it became apparent that our existing landscaping needed serious attention to better complement house and site. Katoscapes worked in close consultation with us to develop an approach and plan which complemented the existing landscaping and our vision of how how our property should look. The plan was developed with great inventiveness and sensitivity and executed expertly by Katoscape's skilled staff. David Kato has a great eye for the perfect solution and is a pleasure to work with. We are very pleased with the results and can recommend Katoscapes without reservation.

Peter and Kathy Turbott, Portola Valley

In this very fast-paced life we lead, exists a garden that reminds us to breathe, to feel, and to appreciate. Thanks to Katoscapes, this garden is a part of our home. Amazingly enough, the garden actually prompted us to change our lives; it inspired us to get out of the house, to re-connect with friends, with nature and, most importantly, our kids. I must tell you we are amazed by so many things. Every season bursts forth with its own palette of color. (There is no dead of winter here!) Our garden has attracted multitudes of birds that grace us with their presence and song; we have a family of hummingbirds that play tag and remind us to lighten up in life. We daily admire the unique characteristics of our trees, the composition of our flower beds, and the stonework that feels alive. I could go on and on.

David, your talent is immeasurable. My family and I thank you, Vicki, Miguel and Manuel from the bottom of our hearts. You have created for us our very own slice of heaven. We are eternally grateful. (P.S. I wish I could tell you how many times I've heard newcomers use the word, "Wow!")

Suzy Baldwin Fremont

We love the landscaping that you did and hope to maintain it as well as you have done. It has been a pleasure working with you and if and when the market turns around, we hope to do more.  Take care and should you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Larry and Carol Supan, Saratoga

On behalf of the Gamble Garden Center, I am sending our warm thanks for your active participation in the 93 Garden Tour. It was an unexpected “plus” to have you in the Preston Garden, as many of our 1,200 Tour-goers found out.
We heard rave reviews about your willingness to answer questions and impart information about plants and garden-related topics. Our 93 Garden Tour was a real success. We thank you for being a part of it.

The Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden Tour Chairwoman

We are so pleased with the work you’ve done here at our home. The quality of work is exceptional and it is exactly the setting we desired. We look forward to seeing it develop as time goes by and are interested in seeing what you propose regarding the maintenance schedule so that things can proceed according to your vision.

The Craigs, Cupertino

Thank you for finishing up in time for the Garden Tour.  Everything looks wonderful. I did have doubts about the scale of the wrought iron work, but you were right, any smaller wouldn’t have worked. Once again David, you have exceeded my expectations.

A Hillsborough client

We continue to enjoy our garden done by Katoscapes. We signed the contract 11 years ago, on 5/4/91. All your plants have survived. The front garden gets continuing admiration from neighbors, etc. In the spring the irises are outstanding along with the azaleas. Note that I have been pruning them to your specifications!

Eugene Bleck, Hillsborough

After viewing many beautiful gardens in Japan, we wanted to create a Japanese-styled garden in our backyard.  Our thoughts were poorly articulated, but we had a mental image of what the garden should look like.  David, somehow, you divined the design from our disjointed thoughts, took the ideas to an entirely new level and created a beautiful, tranquil and serene space that far exceeds our expectations.  We are delighted with our “katoscape”.

Sue Murakami