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Miss Gamble’s Garden Party, English Enchantment.

The Prestons have been in this 1930’s home since 1969. In September they had half of the house completely torn remodeled, a basement added, and a backyard garage torn down. Landscaping was completed this past fall. David Kato, of Katoscapes, Inc. in Los Gatos, was the designer/contractor.

It’s difficult to detect the driveway in the left of the front walk. It is Grasscrete, chosen instead of a hard surface to maximize the lawn area. The arbor at the entrance is a theme that is repeated in other areas of the yard along with the verdigris finished wrought iron used in the arbors, trellises and light fixtures.

Thirty-five tons of water washed flagstone was used for walks, planters, and the terraced basement window well in back. Many varieties of Japanese maples are found throughout the garden beginning in the front. Rhododendron ‘Bibiani’, azaleas, coral bells, campanile, and Piers japonica are planted in the front garden. A deodar cedar is in the raised bed. Erodium and Vinca minor grow between the stones of the path. The living room looks out on the shaded side yard at the right of the house. A wrought iron trellis on the wall surrounding re-circulating limestone lavaboes from Italy has transformed he previously uninteresting living room vista. Pink jasmine covers the arbor entryway to the backyard. Connecticut bluestone was used on the rear patio. A green painted wall is the backdrop for the new ivy fence that surrounds the yard. A highlight of the yard is the unusual terraced window well, which adds a new dimension to the garden as well as to the basement office behind the window. The raised vegetable garden is near the site of the former garage.

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